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William Sheedy


Hey, everyone! My name is William Sheedy, and I’m the founder of Currently, I’m attending Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA. I graduated from the St. Albans School in Washington, DC. My passions are technology, digital photography, aerial cinematography, and lacrosse. This site is all about the convergence of digital products with industry-leading technologies. I’m proud to be a DJI representative, as they have the best aerial products in the world. allows me to explore new and evolving digital trends, and I am happy to evolve as the world’s interests do. Happy browsing!


William Mullen


Hello everyone!  My name is William Mullen and I run a lot of the back end stuff for the site.  I will be attending school on the west coast, and will likely major in computer science.  You probably won’t hear from me too often, as the other William is the video and photography expert, but please do not hesitate to reach out with issues or suggestions for the site.  I read a lot as well, so book recommendations are always welcome.  Enjoy the site!

Tessa Porter


Hi! My name is Tessa Porter and I am a writer for the site. I am currently attending Georgia Tech and studying chemical engineering. In my free time, I love to read and play lacrosse. While I am certainly less informed about the world of technology as the two Williams, I still love hearing about new products and seeing the results of the equipment, and look forward to writing about new DJI news!

Sunjin Kim


Hi, I’m Sunjin. I am a writer for EverythingDJI, and I currently attend St.Albans School as a junior.  My favorite subjects are English and Ethics, but my passion is cinematography. I play tennis for my school team and love a good Djokovic match. In my free time, love to mountain bike and do as much outdoor activity as possible.  I’m excited to be writing for EverythingDJI because I believe aerial photography to be one of the best advancements in cinematography yet!




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