DJI Introduces the Zenmuse X7 Camera

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DJI recently released their newest camera, in collaboration with Zenmuse, that now features not only a bigger and better sensor, but interchangeable lenses. It is the first of its kind, seeing that is it a “super 35” digital film camera, specifically made for aerial cinematography. As we have mentioned before, DJI is expanding in all directions, with both more entry-level products but also products geared for professionals. In a small, affordable, and sleek package, the Zenmuse X7 opens up a variety of possibilities for cinema level productions.




Apart from the Super 35 sensor, the Zenmuse X7 shoots up to 6k in CinemaDNG RAW, 5.2k ProRes, both up to 30fps, and 3.9k CinemaDNG Raw or 2.7k ProRes at 60 fps. These formats are remarkable, given that the full-scale files can be scaled to 4k, if 6k is impractical, and look insanely clean. The large file formats, if desired, also mean that the X7 can hold its own in more feature-length productions.

DJI also made a big step in their camera technology by creating an interchangeable┬ámount system, called the DL mount. This mount works with DJI’s new lenses, which they released with the X7. They are all primes, coming in at 16, 24, 35, and 50mm, all opening up to f/2.8. The bodies are constructed using carbon fiber, as metals would potentially weigh too much. The 16mm has an ND filter built in for even more control, but this feature is exclusive to the 16.

Such a camera with so many features must break the bank — and it honestly doesn’t. It comes in at $2,699 for the camera alone and $1,299 for each lens. To save a little bit, and get the best results, you can buy the package at $4,299, which includes the camera, gimbal, and all four lenses. For professionals or even consumers looking for serious results, this is not nearly the price of an aerial DSLR system and will capture equally as good if not better results. The products are available starting in November.

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Last modified: October 17, 2017

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