DJI’s October Event – Product Predictions

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The photo above has created quite the buzz recently across DJI enthusiasts. DJI is known for breathtaking announcements, revealing new technologies to lead the industry. The more recent announcements have included the Phantom 4 Obsidian and Mavic Pro Platinum, in addition to the Spark. The Spark, appealing to more amateur consumers filled the gap of an affordable¬†drone. The newer Mavic and P4 Pro models filled the need for advancements across the serious yet not quite professional systems, so what’s next? Many enthusiasts have speculated that this could be an upgrade to the Inspire 2, or possibly an action cam. Let’s break down both possibilities:

The Next Inspire?

DJI releases upgrades to their products significantly faster than any other technology company. GoPro takes years before they introduce the latest installment of the Hero series, for example, yet DJI has systems flowing out multiple times a year. The Inspire 2, released this past January, showed that DJI is to be taken seriously by consumers and cine-grade content creators alike. This recent release means that an Inspire 3 is out of the question, but what about something similar to the Phantom 4 Obsidian? Is there room for an Inspire 2 Pro, or another model along those same lines? The Inspire 2 is loaded with features, so it is hard to guess what an upgrade may have in store. Longer flight time, noise reduction, faster top speed, and higher resolution stills are among my predictions, but are any of those really necessary?

A DJI Action Cam

In their development of high-speed aerial cinematography systems, enthusiasts wonder whether or not DJI may step into the game of action cam. Clearly capable of blowing GoPro out of the market (as shown by the Mavic’s destruction of the Karma) DJI developing their current camera systems into something durable, water-resistant, and easily mountable could cause a whole new wave of competition for GoPro. Furthermore, the development of a more portable mobile gimbal, similar to the Karma grip, is easily within the reach of DJI. It simply comes down to their priorities: does DJI want to continue their R&D in the aerial field, or will they temporarily ground themselves in order to expand to even more high-speed action?



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Last modified: September 28, 2017

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