DJI Wins an Emmy for Excellence in Airborne Video

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In April 2018, DJI will be accepting an Emmy for their “Low Latency Remote Controlled Airborne Video Platforms for Television.” DJI products, especially their drones, are used in a wide variety of awarding winning shows, and they have really revolutionized the aerial footage on television.


This past week DJI won one of the most well-respected awards available, an Emmy. For those that don’t know, the Emmy Award is the Oscar of television shows. While the most commonly known awards are given to writers, producers, lead actors/actresses, and shows in general, there are a wide variety of Emmys that can be given out for behind-the-scenes work. This year, DJI won the Emmy for their outstanding “Low Latency Remote Controlled Airborne Video Platforms for Television.”


In the world of television, the introduction and implication of drone footage have been a new and fast growing department of show production. DJI has been at the lead of this industry for a while, consistently creating versatile drones with high-quality footage. Founded in 2006, DJI quickly rose to the demand for exemplary aerial vehicles with the release of its Phantom series in 2013. Popular among professional cinematographers is the Inspire 2, which features impressive stats such as a 360-degree view, 5.2K resolution videos, and speeds up to 50mph. While many customers enjoy these for personal use, DJI has had famous shows use the Phantom line, and many other DJI products. Most notably, the popular series Game of Thrones, The Amazing Race, and Deadliest Catch. All of which feature beautiful sweeping shots of exotic locations.


Upon news of the award, the Marketing Manager at DJI commented that “DJI’s drones have consistently been at the forefront of camera drone technology by creating safe, reliable, high-quality aerial imaging systems for creative professionals around the world,” and that they were “incredibly honored that the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has chosen to recognize the contribution DJI’s technology has made to the industry.”


While these “behind-the-scenes” Emmys have been around for quite a while, having a prominent company, like DJI, win such a prestigious award is a great thing for the television industry. The real stars of the show are getting the credit they deserve.


The award will be handed out at the 69th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards Show on Sunday, April 8, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.




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Last modified: September 1, 2017

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