DJI’s ENDLESS Summer Sale – Is Anything Worth Buying?

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DJI just sent out an email to all of their subscribers claiming that they are doing an “endless summer sale.” While attractive on the outside, one may question the legitimacy of this sale, seeing as DJI is not one to frequently discount their top of the line products. In this article, we’re going to break down the items for sale, and discuss the validity of the attractive image and aggressive claim from DJI.

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When you first click on the ad from the email, you will be linked to the front page of the endless sale. The products headlining the event are not drones, despite what the picture says, but drones and backpacks with a discount. The Spark + OnePlus Backpack is listed at a price of $538, instead of the usual $568 price tag. This same combination continues with the Mavic Pro and Osmo Mobile, saving $40 and $20, respectively.

If you decide to scroll down the ad, you’ll find that the Mavic and Spark have even more deals. The Mavic includes two skins and a landing pad if you decide to purchase it at a retail price. The Spark is the same, except instead of a landing pad, the package includes a T-shirt.

The last item on the sale is a Phantom 4 Pro combo. For the retail price of $1,500, one will receive the Phantom 4 Pro Package, in addition to free propeller guards, two sets of propellers, and a landing pad. This deal does include more items, but remember, you’re paying more for the Phantom 4 Pro in the first place.


Is this “Endless Summer Sale” actually worth looking into? Well, to an extent. In order to take advantage of this sale, you must first already be in the market for a drone. This is not a sale that will allow you to spend a small amount of money; the products listed are all at least a few hundred dollars if not more. Usually, sales from companies offer a variety of price ranges. In DJI’s case, that claim is true, if you remember that their products are pretty pricey. For example, a Best Buy sale will include $19.99 Xbox games and sub $100 TVs. That is because Best Buy has so many products to offer; they can headline their sales with cheaper products, and embed the more expensive deals further into their brochures/advertisements, where more serious consumers will look.


This offer needs to be taken with a grain of salt. There are savings offered to those looking to buy drones, but if you’re somebody looking for generosity on the level of a free backpack with your $1,500 drone, then you’re mistaken. The items that are free should debatably already come with the drones; however, it is a step in the right direction for DJI to appeal to less serious consumers.

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Last modified: August 29, 2017

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