The DJI Snail Racing Drone System – What Does This Mean for DJI?

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DJI has made a reputation for itself as the leader of the drone industry. They excel in producing consumer and professional aerial cinematographic systems; drones such as the Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Pro are unparalleled at other companies. That being said, drone racing is emerging as a growing sport, the championships being aired on ESPN. In this evolution of drone usage from primarily video and photographic capture to first person view racing (FPV), DJI must expand their products in order to remain the leader. While DJI does not currently have a racing drone line, or even drone, to purchase, they have created a revolutionary new racing propeller/motor/chip. Let’s check it out:


The DJI Snail is a tri-blade propellor system that is designed to offer top-tier balance and precision to drones traveling at extreme speeds. Current propellor systems, such as the 9450s, are designed primarily for hovering. Seeing an opportunity to offer drone racers a cutting-edge design, DJI created a propellor that is now made for forward flight. The Snail system boasts 1.32kg of thrust, over 140km/h of forward flight optimization, and rapid response times. It uses custom-made control algorithms to reduce loop 800 (the amount of time it takes a propulsion system to increase thrust from 100g to 800g and then decelerate to 400g) times by as much as 21%, which adds an immense amount of control to maneuvers such as sharp turns and hard braking.

In addition to the propellors, DJI offers the Snail 2305 motor. This motor delivers 1.32kg of thrust, which is 15% higher than the current market average. They weigh a “slim 27.8g.”

DJI also sells a high-performance 32-bit 100MHz MCU and their flagship control algorithms, inside of the Snail 430-R ESC. The ultra-compact design can sustain a current as high as 30A, all in a tiny 3.6cm ^2 size. This is compatibile with the DJI 2 assistant app, and of course, the ESC Programmer.


While DJI still does not sell a complete FPV racing drone, the Snail offers racers several advanced components to build their drone around. While drone racing is growing, it still does not dominate the market the way that cinematographic products do. It is important for DJI to maintain focus on the biggest market that they dominate; however, it does not hurt to dip a technologically advanced toe in the lake of drone racing.

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Last modified: July 29, 2017

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