Get Past No-Fly Zones with CopterSafe’s New Software

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A Russian hacking company by the name of “CopterSafe” recently released a variety of softwares that allow DJI users to bypass the built-in flying restrictions. DJI has mapped out hundreds of zones in which drones will not fly, for example near airports and national landmarks. While this system does keep the skies safe, drone users seeking to capture footage of otherwise beautiful destinations are heavily restricted, due to the potential dangers that come with operating a UAV.

CopterSafe is currently selling modification packages, or “mods,” that disable DJI’s Geofencing, allowing drone users to fly wherever they please. The hacks are technically illegal, as they bypass restrictions that DJI is legally responsible for implicating; however, they aren’t cheap.

CopterSafe offers different upgrades for several DJI drones. The DJI Mavic has been seen zooming at speeds faster than it is supposed to in restricted areas, and the Phantom 4 has been seen descending much faster as well. CopterSafe also offers upgrades for the more professional camera systems that DJI sells, such as giving the Matrice 600 a full thermal camera and increasing the Inspire 2 speed by 6 mph.


Below is a listing for the mods that CopterSafe offers:

No Fly Zone Bypass

Altitude Restriction Bypass 

Sport Mode+/Speed Increase 

Thermal Recording/Regular Recording Toggle Cameras


These upgrades are not legal. That is a fact; no-fly-zones are in place because planes, the public, and buildings are at risk when inexperienced fliers decide that they want to take chances simply to get the shot. That being said, the market for these products most likely contains already experienced fliers, who are looking to drone a specific location that they otherwise couldn’t. In addition, it requires a bit of a budget, with most mods coming in at over $250. This pricing is designed for the freelance group in between professional and consumer that can make gorgeous films but cannot afford a commercial crew that has licenses and near an unlimited budget.

I would advise anybody interested in these products to be careful; getting caught with a drone in the wrong place could be expensive, harmful to others, or both. It is also punishable by jail time. Know your location, know your consequences, and be careful. However, if you’re planning on doing it, post it to YouTube and let us all see the locations that we’re dying to drone. Happy flying.




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Last modified: July 6, 2017

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